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C.O.R.E. Solutions

Computer Organized Resource Enterprises

4C - 345 St. Laurent Avenue, Quesnel, BC V2J 2E1

Phone:(250) 991-6393 - 24/7


C.O.R.E. Solutions - Computer Organized Resource Enterprises

Custom Software


Cross Platform Software Development. Integrating new technology with old. Software Sales

Made to Fit Solutions !

In Business For Business Since 1997

You Have Problems ? We Have C.O.R.E. Solutions...

Custom Hardware

Total Hardware Solutions may be delivered through C.O.R.E. or its global associations

  • C.O.R.E. supports high end network servers
  • Hewlett Packard, Dell Proprietary O.E.M. Solutions
  • Industrial Commercial Leasing
  • Tailored to fit various machine centres
  • P.L.C. Integration
  • Integration with Industrial Software

24/7 Service Support : 1-250-991-6393

Friendly Knowledgeable Ready to Help;. Support!